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"The RightMate4U system is a gift to single women and men everywhere. This program provides practical strategies for finding true and lasting love."
John Gray, Ph.D.
Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

We benefit from education in every key area of our life: how to buy a house, a car, how to choose a school, how to find a job. What we aren't taught- very effectively- is how to make the most important decision of our lives: selecting a mate.

"I'm living proof that it's never too late! After taking the RightMate4U class when I was 70, I'm now 72 and happily married." read more testimonials

MateMagic LLC presents that educational program, RightMate4U™. Ours is a time-tested, statistically proven and surprisingly enjoyable approach to designing, finding and choosing the love of your life. This system frees you up from past relationships, empowers you to know what you need to be happy and well satisfied long term, and then guides you to select the right mate with self-assurance and pinpoint accuracy.

Our course, now available in a six-week online seminar (Webinar) series, provides a simple, yet powerful methodology that equips you with the tools for both finding and building a successful and happy romantic partnership that will last a lifetime.

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You'll identify the behaviors that will bring you long lasting satisfaction in your relationship. Most crucially, you'll develop the skills to recognize and accurately evaluate these behaviors in any potential partner. These are the critical skills you must master in order to intentionally attract and select the best possible mate for you.

And, guess what? You do not have to (nor do you want to) change yourself to find a fabulous relationship. You simply change HOW you think about looking for and selecting your mate.

The RightMate4U™ Educational System:

  • Uncovers your unique relationship needs
  • Frees you from issues inherited from past relationships so you can enjoy your life NOW
  • Reduces or even eliminates the emotional stress of finding and forming a new relationship
  • Saves years on the dating treadmill or in dead end relationships
  • Helps you achieve your goal of a happy, successful, healthy relationship with your best friend and lifetime romantic partner
Behaviors make or break a relationship. An education in behavioral technology teaches you how to accurately and confidently select a committed romantic companion in life who will suit your needs precisely in the ways you require. RightMate4U™ is that educational system.

"Ten years, three houses and two children later, my heart still flutters when he comes home." -Rebecca Boskovic read more testimonials
I'm Juli Vinik and I've developed the RightMate4U™ program to put behavioral tools, successfully tested in the corporate arena, to work for women and men in their personal lives. Since 1985, I have consulted with and trained Fortune 500 executives in how to fill key corporate positions with the right people, based on assessing behavioral consistencies amongst high performing employees.

At first it didn't occur to me to apply this powerfully effective corporate model to romantic partnerships. But when I did wow. It worked magnificently. Starting in 1993, almost exclusively by word of mouth, I started attracting more clients than I could handle on an individual basis.

RightMate4U™ Women's Webinar Series

With only so many hours in the day and so many students to teach, I decided to develop a Webinar series to begin making the RightMate4U™ educational program available to as many people as possible - conveniently and affordably.

The RightMate4U™ Women's Webinar
with Founder and Course Developer, Juli Vinik, includes:
  • 6 Weekly Interactive Online Classes
  • Exercises, Homework and Email contact with Instructors
  • Access to a Private Web Community for All Registered Students PLUS 24 hour access to a Coaching Support Database to help guide you through every step of your class
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The RightMate4U™
Women's Webinar
U.S. $445
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The six weekly sessions are jam-packed with lecture, Questions and Answers (Q & A), coaching and guidance in applying this system after class is complete. In fact, you will receive well over 100 tips to inspire you to enjoy your life NOW, making it as easy as possible for your mate to find you and for you to find him.

"The RightMate4U program made meeting my soon to be husband an intentional act not just a matter of luck." -Lynette Simmons read more testimonials
Webinar Classes #1 and #2 shift your perspectives which create in you a powerful new outlook on love and teach you the critical components of a happy, mutually satisfying lifetime romantic partnership. The behavioral awareness that arises out of the first two classes and the corresponding assignments are designed to open you up to the very real possibility of attracting and choosing your mate, easily, gracefully and effortlessly.

Webinar Classes #3 through #6 plus their corresponding assignments teach you how to develop a tailor made for you behavioral mate selection system. This approach creates new avenues to having potential mates flow easily and unexpectedly into your life. With your RightMate4U™ system, you will be equipped to enjoy and confidently sort through wonderful men enroute to selecting the one who is right for you.

"I finally know what it's like to be cherished by someone who thrills me."
-Rachel Samuels read more testimonials

Step by Step to the Love of Your Life

As an educated dater you will be able to focus on a few key changes based on your own personal individual needs. RightMate4U™ helps you to zero in on what you really want and need to be well satisfied in a lifetime relationship. Then, we teach you a simple, yet powerful behavioral system that allows you to master the skills necessary for assessing the behavior of potential mates accurately and confidently.

That way, you get what you desire in a mate and enjoy life even more - with your best friend and the love of your life.

"My life is unrecognizable since I took the RightMate4U class. I thank God daily for Juli Vinik and her gift to the world." -Mary Miske read more testimonials

The right education is the key to getting what you want out of life. If you feel you've tried everything and are tired of being frustrated or alone or both, then it's time to educate yourself.

"It had never occurred to me that my strategy for picking men was screwed up... Were it not for RightMate4U, I wouldn't be happily married today." -Elisabeth Solomon
read more testimonials
Don't wait another minute to learn how to successfully find the mate you need to feel fulfilled, joyful, passionate and more alive in a romantic partnership than you ever thought possible.

Enroll today and learn the simple, logical steps to find and select the Right Mate For You. Remember, in the world of education, you are the highest yielding investment you can make. Start investing now!

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